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How to access desktop application of Banca Intesa Digital Banking?

How to access desktop application of Banca Intesa Digital Banking?

You can access the application in the following ways:

  • #withKEY 
    - on the homescreen of your mobile app, select #withKEY and enter your PIN or use the biometric authentication method;
    - on the Login screen of the Internet application, in the field Username enter your User number from #withKEY and in the field One-time-password enter generated #withKEY code.
  • using automatic message (Smart login)
    - access the desktop application using #withKEY and in the Username field enter a user number from #withKEY;
    - the Smart Login screen appears and select Activate;
    - the next time you login to the desktop application, a personalized greeting message is displayed and then on the login screen select Login;
    - on your mobile device you will receive the message "Request to sign in to the Banca Intesa application", select Login and enter your PIN / biometric data;
    - you will see the message "Request submitted successfully";
    - you are logged info the desktop application.
What is #withKEY and where is it located?

What is #withKEY and where is it located?

#withKEY is an authentication system (mobile token) integrated into the Banca Intesa digital banking mobile app, allowing you to log in to desktop application and to authorize transactions.

You can access it on the login screen of mobile application by swiping the menu at the bottom of the mobile application screen and highlight #withKEY in the second row. Then enter your PIN for the mobile app or use the biometric method to create a one-time #withKEY password.

#withKEY also shows your user number.

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