• No Suggestion

Housing loan approval in as little as 7 days

Fiksna rata do 20 godina

From now on, fixed installment for up to 20 years

No fees

You don't pay fees for application processing until 31/12/2024

Saving time

We can collect part of the documentation for you.

Faster and easier

Only 3 arrivals to the bank until the disbursement of the housing loan

What amount of loan I can take

Check the installment according to the offer for the purchase of a new building
Calculate the installment HERE
1. Meeting with a housing loan specialist

1. Meeting with a housing loan specialist

When you first arrive at Intesa Casa Housing Loans Center, your specialist will help you choose the loan model that best suits your needs and will guide you in detail throughout the process.

We have further simplified the collection of documentation, so that you can now authorize your specialist to hire an appraiser for you and obtain a real estate folio in the land register, while you can submit other documentation via email.

2. Signing a housing loan agreement

2. Signing a housing loan agreement

Your housing loan is approved! Upon your arrival at the bank, you sign a housing loan agreement. Then, if you wish, you can authorize the specialist to pay the fee for mortgage registration, insurance premiums and bills of exchange upon obtaining the documentation certified by the notary public.

The specialist will in advance prepare the complete documentation which needs to be certified by a notary public and send it to you by e-mail, so that you do not have to spend your time for its collection, or worry about whether all the necessary documents have been submitted.

3. Realization of the housing loan

3. Realization of the housing loan

Documentation certified by a notary public is submitted to a specialist at your third visit, when you will agree with him/her on the date of disbursement of your housing loan, after which you can start making plans on moving to your new apartment.


In order to further facilitate the process of buying an apartment and the realization of a housing loan, we have created special Intesa Casa centers where professional advisors are expecting you, who will provide you with all the necessary support from planning the purchase to moving into your new home.

Schedule an appointment with an expert advisor at your nearest Intesa Casa Housing Loan Center or Banca Intesa Branch.



Check out the guidance on what you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment, as well as helpful tips on how you can design your home and make better use of your space.


3 steps to a housing loan