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Insurance in Banca Intesa

Are you buying an apartment or car, are you travelling or you want security for yourself and your family?

In cooperation with our partner – Generali osiguranje, we present our extensive offer of life and non-life insurance. In most of the Bank’s branches, you can contract any of the insurance policies from the offer, whether it is an insurance related to a loan or not.

Insurance in Banca Intesa

Extensive offer of Life and Non-Life Insurance

Credit protection insurance (CPI)

It is possible to contract a CPI policy both with new and loans in repayment, and the insured period is equal with the loan duration.
  • Protection for your loved ones in unwanted circumstances
  • Regular repayment of loan installments
  • Without filling out a medical questionnaire
kasko osiguranje banca intesa generali wiener

Household insurance

In order to respond to market demands, especially because of mortgage loans, the household insurance product was created.
  • Quick return of property to previous condition
  • Carefree life in your home
  • Insurance packages according to your needs
Wiener Städtische generali banca intesa osiguranje

Risk life insurance

Life insurance of the loan user.
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Safety for the whole family
  • Small investment and high sums insured
Osiguranje života korisnika kredita wiener generali osiguranje


Life insurance and savings in one.
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Safe long-term savings
  • Financial stability for your loved ones
generali wiener osiguranje srbija

International travel insurance

Travel insurance provides efficient and professional assistance in emergencies that may befall you and your loved ones on the road or during your stay abroad.
  • With you in every part of the world
  • Quick and easy contracting
  • Protection for you and your loved ones in unwanted circumstances
putno osiguranje banca intesa generali wiener

Casco insurance

Car insurance is motor vehicle insurance, which helps you eliminate the consequences of damage to your vehicle and return your car to its previous state.
  • Road and parking safety
  • Comprehensive vehicle protection against damage
  • For your new or existing car
kasko osiguranje banca intesa generali wiener

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