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Find out what can you do without going to branch

How can I...

Reactivate online service?

Do your banking transactions from the comfort of your own home.
Reactivate the digital banking application without going to the branch.


Apply for an online cash loan?

Disburse a cash loan without going to the branch through the digital banking application.

You only need a few steps to realize it.


Deposit cash on ATM?

Deposit cash on your account in a few simple steps. Now, you are able to deposit cash in EUR and RSD currencies. (Payment in RSD - Visa Inspire / Dina, Payment in EUR - Visa Classic debit / Visa Inspire / Dina).


Insure myself and my loved ones?

Want to insure yourself and your family? You can request one of our insurance services to your advisor via email.

At the link below you can see various offers of life and non-life insurance that we offer to our clients.


Request PIN reissue?

Request for re-issuance of the PIN, in which you will state your name and surname, type and last 4 digits of your payment card, send by e-mail to requests_kc@bancaintesa.rs or, if you are a Magnifica client, by e-mail to your advisor.

Apply for an online allowed overdraft?

Through digital banking applications without going to the branch, you can request an allowed overdraft in the amount you determine, up to the amount of your monthly income.


New digital banking

Learn what's new.


The current situation has faced us with a new, most important challenge ever, to protect our health and the health of our employees. We try to live up to this important task every day and enable you to use our services in the safest way possible.

Using our digital banking apps, you can perform all your transactions from the comfort of your home, and regardless of whether you have already used electronic banking services or not, now you can activate and deactivate them even without going to the bank.

Whenever you need cash, out ATMs are at your disposal, and if necessary, you can also visit our branches.

In order to additionally make the business with the bank easier for you, every day we try to enable you to perform even more of our services from your home, so we invite you to regularly keep track of this page on which we will post all current information regarding the availability of our services, as well as the innovations we prepared in our offer.