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Google Pay

Why you'll love Google Pay?


It is enough to touch the phone, without entering the PIN


Accepted at a large number of outlets worldwide


High level of payment security

Minimum technical prerequisites:
Android device
Devices that can use this service must have an Android operating system (except Huawei)
Operating system
The device needs to have the Android operating system installed on the device, version Android Lollipop 5.0 or later
NFC technology
In order for the device to be suitable for using this service, it must support NFC technology
google pay banca intesa
  • Step 1: Open the Google Pay app you downloaded from the Play Store
  • Step 2: In the application, select the Debit card or Credit card option
  • Step 3: Through the Google Pay application, scan your Visa and/or Mastercard card that you want to place in the Google Pay Wallet
  • Step 4: Confirm your identity by entering the code you received via SMS or by calling the Contact Center, after which you have successfully added the card to Google Pay Wallet and are ready to pay

In order to protect data, do not disclose the activation code you receive via SMS message to others.
Recommendations for the safe use of services and digital channels of Banca Intesa, as well as for the daily use of other Internet services, can be found HERE.

How to use Google Pay?

You start the payment process on POS devices at points of sale by unlocking the device on which the Google Pay mobile wallet is activated and bringing the phone (device) near the terminal.

After that, the phone screen displays the image of the card (which is set as primary for payment) and a confirmation message arrives after a successful transaction.

Before paying at the POS machine, you can change the card you want to pay with.

Simplicity and security

Just touch your mobile phone to the POS device and you're done! During a transaction, Google Pay creates a unique token that enables payment.

Discover why paying with Google Pay is easy and secure:

  • There is no possibility of double debiting your account, even if you touch your mobile to the POS device twice
  • To be able to add a payment card to Google Pay and pay in stores, you need to set a phone screen lock
  • If you turn off your phone screen lock, Google Pay will remove your virtual account number from your device for security reasons
  • Google Pay does not store card information on the phone; if the phone happens to be lost or stolen, they won't be able to access the data, even if they unlock the device