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How to pay on a credit card?

How to pay on a credit card?

  • in menu Cards select submenu Card Payoff
  • select the account and credit card you'd like to make a payment to
  • if you want to pay an amount different from your current card balance, enter the amount you want in the determent field
  • to enter a payment description and change the due date, select More fields
  • select Proceed to view the details of the completed order
  • if the data you entered is correct, select Proceed to authorize
What is #withCASH and how to use it?

What is #withCASH and how to use it?

Using #withCASH you can withdraw cash from Banca Intesa ATMs without using a transaction account card. You can withdraw money by using a one-time code that you can issue yourself via Banca Intesa Digital Banking.

  • in menu Cards select #withCASH
  • select the account from which you want to withdraw funds
  • select the amount you want
  • select the code validity period
  • select Generate code to authorize

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