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Housing loan for young people

Special offer for buying your first real estate

Lower interest rate until 15/11/2023

You don't pay fees

No fee for application processing and early loan repayment

In the first year

We bear the cost of insurance against the inability to repay the loan

Special conditions for Telekom packages

BOX and Super PLAN bring you savings for another 3 months

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*Minimalna mesečna zarada korisnika kredita ili jemca potrebno je da bude 260 EUR i više, u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po srednjem kursu NBS na dan podnošenja zahteva. 

Rezultati kalkulacije su informativnog karaktera. Detaljne informacije o kreditu možete pronaći u opisu i reprezentativnom primeru na dnu stranice.

  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - EUR
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - EUR
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - EUR
  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - HRK
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - HRK

Because you want everything to be your way, there is the Banca Intesa housing loan for young people

Dreaming about your home? We have prepared a special offer for housing loans for young people up to the age of 35 - because we care about everything that means to you. Start planning your future now!

Special conditions

Use the benefits until 15/11/2023

  • Lower interest rate
  • No processing fee for home loan application
  • No fee for early repayment of a housing loan

Feel safe

For a new start of independent life, and new and important experiences that you will create - we support you!

If you opt for insurance against the inability to repay the loan, in cooperation with Generali Osiguranje, we have provided you with the first annual premium for free.

Learn more about loan default insurance HERE.

Save with Telekom Srbija packages

With an approved housing loan, Banca Intesa and Telekom Srbija provide you additional savings:

  • Choose one of the BOX or Super PLAN Telekom Srbija packages with 3 or 4 services, with a contractual obligation of 24 months
  • Check current promotions for new users and you get an additional 3 months of using the promotion you choose

Find out more HERE.

Enjoy fast and stable wifi, watching your favorite TV channels and unlimited phone calls, and further reduce your monthly expenses!


banca intesa stambeni kredit specijalna ponuda za mlade

Schedule a meeting

To make the purchase of an apartment and the realization of a housing loan even easier, our expert advisors are here, who will guide you through the entire process and help you in all steps - from planning the purchase to moving into your new apartment.

Schedule an appointment with an expert advisor at one of our Intesa Casa centers or at a Banca Intesa branch.