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Digital banking

Mobile banking

Intesa mobile banking is a safe and simple method of using modern mobile banking service whenever and wherever you want.
  • Use all the benefits equally on your phone or computer
  • New features and a personalized approach to your finances
  • With ID card and active payment account in any branch
intesa mobi banca intesa

Migracija sa starog na novo digitalno

Migracija sa starog na novo digitalno

Reaktivacija digitalnog bankarstva

Reaktivirajte svoju novu aplikaciju Banca Intesa Digitalnog bankarstva.
  • Functionalities adapted to your personal needs
  • Use all the benefits equally on your phone or computer
  • Improved application for an even better user experience
banca intesa digitalno bankarstvo aplikacija

Electronic banking

Banca Intesa offers you the possibility of performing all banking transactions via the Internet with the improved Intesa electronic banking.
  • New functions, new possibilities
  • All you need is a device of your choosing
  • Pay in just a few steps
intesa online banca intesa

Smart payments

Convenient, fast and easy - choose from a variety of payment methods the one that suits your needs.
  • Pay in only a few steps
  • The latest technology for a simplified experience
  • No waiting in line
apple pay banca intesa

Apple Pay

Experience the future of payment: enjoy shopping!
  • Unlock, bring close, confirm payment
  • Confirm payment using your fingertip or Face ID
  • Your data is protected always and at all times
apple pay banca intesa

Google Pay

Experience the future of payment: enjoy shopping!
  • It is enough to touch the phone, without entering the PIN
  • Accepted at a large number of outlets worldwide
  • High level of payment security
google pay banca intesa

Payment with NBS IPS QR code

From now on, by simply showing the QR code on your phone or scanning it on the merchant's device, you can make a payment at the point of sale.
  • Payments are made in just a few seconds
  • Always available in just a few steps
  • The highest level of protection provided for electronic payment
placanje ips qr kodom banca intesa

Banka u vašem domu

Saznajte kako da od kuće obavljate bankarske poslove.
  • No waiting in line
  • Banking services wherever and whenever needed
  • Reactivate the service from the comfort of your home
Banka u vašem domu

Nove funkcionalnosti

Saznajte na koji način smo unapredili Banca Intesa Mobi aplikaciju.
  • Osigurajte svoj kredit tokom celog perioda otplate
  • Pronađite PIN-ove svojih kartica u aplikaciji
  • Upravljajte lako svojim investicionim jedinicama
digitalno bankarstvo mobilna aplikacija intesa mobi intesa online

Push notifikacije, E-mail, SMS

Push notifikacije, E-mail, SMS
obaveštenja sms email push notifikacije

Online cash loan

Get a cash loan quickly and easily.
  • For credit applications submitted through Banca Intesa Mobi app
  • Fixed interest rate during the entire period of loan repayment
  • Cash can be on the account in 15 minutes, without visiting the branch
kes kredit banca intesa online kes kredit banca intesa mobilna aplikacija mobi

Uplata novca na bankomatima

Uplatite gotovinu na svoj platni račun
cash in bankomati banca intesa

Fx payments

Make foreign currency payments within the country and abroad in just a few steps.

  • Choose a payment basis
  • Select the account from which you want to make a payment
  • Enter the owner and account number of the recepient


Fx payments

My shopping window

See the current offer of various products and services of the Bank. The list of products available to you through the My Product Catalog option are:

  • Credit products
  • Accounts
  • Cards


My shopping window

Bank in your home

Banking services wherever and whenever needed.

  • No waiting in line at the branch
  • Digital banking service reactivation from home
  • Online cash loan submission


Bank in your home

Deposit your money on ATMs

Whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can make a cash payment.

  • Make the payment in just a few steps
  • You can make the payment on your own account
  • Find the list of locations of Cash in devices

Deposit your money on ATMs

SMS, E-mail, Push notifications

Always be up to date and set the type of notification you need in order to monitor daily finances.

  • Notifications on payment account inflows
  • Notifications on payment account outflows
  • Monthly balances

 SMS, E-mail, Push notifications