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Investments and insurance

Why is Banca Intesa the right choice?


Insurance packages according to your needs


Earn extra income each month


Indulge in professional asset management

I want insurance

In cooperation with our partners – Generali osiguranje and Wiener Städtische osiguranje, we present our extensive offer of Life and Non-Life Insurance.

  • Protection for your loved ones in adverse circumstances
  • Carefree life in your home
  • Insurance packages according to your needs

Insurance banca intesa

Save in a safe place

Keep your money in a safe place.

  • Buying euros at a more favourable rate with a fixed term
  • Earn extra income every month
  • Favourable interest rates for dinar savings roles


Invest in investment funds

Discover all the possibilities of the new way of investing and invest in your future.

  • Invest and increase your cash funds
  • Achieve an income higher than the usual saving methods
  • Enjoy professional property management



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