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Visa Infinite debit card

Concierge service

Realize your ideas with the help of a personal assistant - concierge

VIP lounges

Feel the benefits of VIP airport lounges

Travel insurance

Exercise the right to international travel insurance

Unique debit card

The line between perfection and excellence has always been very thin, but familiar to you. That is why we have dedicated to you the Banca Intesa Visa Infinite debit card which erases that line for the few people who recognize it.

visa infinite
Visa Infinite card
  • Enjoy the right to numerous benefits of Infinite insurance
  • Open the door to more than 1,000 VIP airports lounges in more than 450 cities in the world
  • Authorise an unlimited number of additional beneficiaries
  • Exercise your right to a large number of conveniences and benefits during shopping or travel

Concierge service


Do you need help with holidays, birthdays or some important life events? Your personal assistant, your concierge will take care of that.

Concierge service will be available whenever and wherever you need it.



Feel the pleasure in perfect accomplishment of your idea.

You do not have to miss any event or celebration, wherever you want to be. If you want, your concierge or personal assistant will take care of everything. He could keep a calendar of events you are interested in, as well as important family holidays and, having in mind your interests, he could suggest exclusive gifts and holiday destinations, organize events and trips, provide access to shops outside work hours, make reservations at exclusive restaurants, hotels and for events.

Concierge service is free of charge, while the costs for the purchase of requested items or services are paid by Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card.

You only have to dial the number +381 11 310 88 66 and call our agent who will receive the concierge service request, forward the inquiry and deliver the feedback. If you wish to speak in English with your personal manager at the international concierge services available 24 hours a day, you can contact them directly to the number +381800812177.

Card users can also communicate with the concierge service via chat bot support within the Viber or Telegram application in Serbian and English. Requests for the use of the service can be sent directly to the concierge service via e-mail to visa@concierge.link

For more information about the benefit refer to www.rs.visa.com.



Travelling around the world with comfort is quite easy when the airport is a relaxing zone and you can focus on the key tasks of the day, sitting in an armchair. This card opens the doors of more than 1,000 VIP airport lounges in 450 cities around the world, with unlimited number of visits. You only have to show your Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card and you can bring anyone with you, with the agreed surcharge per visitor made specifically for you. For more information visit LoungeKey website or download LoungeKey smartphone application at Google Play or App Store. Access the link below. If you are already registered, you need to create the account again.


Our time is valuable, that is why this card brings you to the fast tracks in more than 270 airports around the world, including fast check-in and passport control, priority line at counters, as well as the organization of transfer, escort from the airplane to the vehicle or the departure gate. Book your service 3 days prior to the use at https://cemea.yqnowgroup.com/ and forget about the crowd and queues at the airport, with 25% discount to the regular price provided by Visa Platinum card.



Relax with special privileges coming with different types of Infinite insurance:

  • Full multi-person travel insurance

Provide peace and safety to all members of your family if they accompany you, the card user, on the trip. Insure yourself, your spouse and up to five children, for domestic and international trips with duration up to 90 consecutive days, for individual trip, whose costs are fully or partially paid by Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card. The insurance covers almost all popular sports activities on the trips, accidents occurred during travel by car, providing refund in case of needed cancellation or moving the travel date already paid or booked.

  • Insurance of purchased product

Buy everything you want for yourself or beloved person, pay with this card and from that moment on, for the following 90 days you do not have to worry about possible damage, theft or loss of bought product. The object of your purchase will be insured for you, as well as for the person receiving the gift, unless covered by other warranties, with the original receipt kept and within the set cash limits regarding the coverage amount and price.

For more information about these benefits visit cardholderbenefitsonline.com.



Imagine having expert teams at your disposal regarding any medical or legal issue. The card provides exactly that. From medical advices, professional care before and after hospitalization and emergency medical care, to the information on vaccination and medical centres in the country of travel, legal consultations and interpretations.

Everything specified is now available 24/7, whenever needed, by a local call to the phone number 0800 190 003, and for making a call from abroad look at the telephone numbers on the link cardholderbenefitsonline.com, where you will get more information about this benefit.



Wherever you are, count on 24/7 support by our Contact Centre,with specifically designated telephone number +381 11 310 88 66. Report possible loss or theft of your card in a simple manner by calling the number +381 11 30 10 160, and it will be blocked immediately, and at all times by a single call you can get information on the balance of your card.



When choosing a wardrobe of world-famous designers, in the XYZ Fashion Store, you can expect a 15% discount on the entire range that cannot be combined with existing discounts and promotions as well as a special treatment: a personal stylist available to you as part of a private shopping visit. which you need to announce one day in advance. You can also sign up for the newsletter about new collections and be among the first to get all the information. The discount applies to payment in full and cannot be realized in outlet stores.

Banca Intesa Visa Infinite as well as debit and credit payment cards help you realize your plans! When paying with a large number of our partners throughout Serbia, you can get discounts of up to 20%.

The Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card provides you with fantastic amenities in more than 900 of the world's most prestigious hotels. At your disposal are guaranteed the best offers, moving to a better room during your stay, later leaving the room, VIP treatment, continental breakfast every day and a voucher that you can use for food and drink of your choice. A list of hotels and special offers can be found at www.visaluxuryhotelcollection.com.

You can see special benefits during the trip at the link.

See what discounts await you with your premium card at the link.



Whether on the road or at home, you can count on 24h help provided by Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card.

As a friend in need, it provides help and coverage for sudden expenses on the road for unlimited cases annually, in terms of:

  • vehicle repair, minor malfunction (flat tire, minor mechanical, electric or electronic failures, for example discharged battery, broken belt, minor cooling system failures, blown fuses, etc.) in the value up to EUR 100 per in Serbia, or  EUR 150 in Europe, as per individual intervention,
  • vehicle transport in case of breakdown up to 200 km in Serbia, or up to 250 km in Europe, as per individual intervention,
  • vehicle transport to the nearest service station free of charge in case of traffic accident, without mileage limit for cases at the territory of Serbia and Europe,
  • transport of driver and passengers free of charge to the destination or place of residence, without mileage limit,
  • top-class replacement vehicle in the amount of EUR 100 for daily renting in the period up to 3 days,
  • accommodation at a hotel with minimum four stars in the amount up to EUR 100 for person in the period up to 3 days,
  • service information.

The assistance package refers to a natural person while actively operating a vehicle that is the subject of assistance.

Should you require help in the house, with this card you can count on coverage for full costs of repairman services, without cash limit, as per three cases annually, including:

  • arrival and services of repairman,
  • services of plumber, electrician, carpenter, locksmith, glazier or potter,
  • coverage of expenses for fine materials necessary for repair, in the total value up to EUR 25.

The service station user will bear the costs of other parts and materials necessary for repairs.

The information sheet, which contains details and exclusions related to Assistance on the road and Assistance at home, can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Request aid in simple manner if needed, 24/7, report the case immediately upon the occurrence by a call to the number +381 11 655 65 29 and follow the operator’s instructions.



Pay with Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card at retail outlets of dealers in the country and abroad, online and at retail outlets marked with Visa sign. Experience the simplicity of contactless payment, and you can withdraw cash through payment cards at ATMs.

To your Visa Infinite card you can authorize unlimited number of additional users of your choice, who will enjoy the same benefits provided for the starter card.

Pay for goods and services at over 9,000 points of sale * and in up to 12 installments.

The fee for payment in installments at the merchant's point of sale is calculated for each installment and amounts to RSD 50 (RSD 35 from September 1, 2022 to September 1, 2023) for all types of payment accounts except for:
Intesa Hit Plus payment account, the fee per installment is RSD 40 (RSD 28 from September 1, 2022 to September 1, 2023);
Intesa Magnifica payment account, free of charge.

* This option is not available when shopping at online outlets.

You can, at your personal choice, authorize an unlimited number of additional users on your Infinite card, who will enjoy the same benefits provided for the basic card.

For more information contact your Magnifica advisor at the branch office or call specifically designated telephone number +381 11 310 88 66, available 24/7:

Services provided by VISA Card Organization are specified at the official web page rs.visa.com and are subject to changes.



We care about the health of you and your family and that is why we are in cooperation with our partner Acibadem Belmedic, a healthcare system for the whole family, we have provided a special offer for users of Banca Intesa Visa Infinite payment card.

Get a 20% discount for paying in full or in installments. The discount applies to:

  • physical therapy
  • aesthetic procedures (botox, hyaluron, PRP, mesotherapy and other procedures from this category)
  • examination by a pediatrician

Note: Discounts do not apply to promotional prices and are not cumulative.

An extract from the insurance policy conditions

Safety of all clients is our priority. However, you still have our special attention, and that is the reason behind many fantastic insurances with Visa Infinite card.

Discover a world of Infinite insurance, created so you could give your best in important tasks without any burden.


Personalize the use of the card with the digital banking app
Visa Infinite
Personalize the use of the card with the digital banking app
Perform an overview of cards and check the list of transactions in the previous period
Set the consumption limits per cards in accordance with your wishes and possibilities
Generate the code for cash withdrawal without a card with #withCASH function
Activate smart notifications for the purpose of obtaining information on performed transactions

Safe shopping on internet


Payment for shopping on websites with specified sign Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by VISA is approved for each transaction by one-time password received via SMS to the verified mobile phone number of confirmed at a Banca Intesa branch office. You can find out more information on the protection method HERE.

Safety recommendations

Payment cards have become part of everyday life, we pay special attention to safety.
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Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance

The Bank participates in the system of compulsory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia.