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Online borrowing products

Just as you explore our new site.

Fastest way to cash

100% online

Get a loan via Intesa Online without going to the branch office

Up to 600.000 RSD

Maximum amount of online cash loan is 600.000 RSD

Money can be in your account in 15 min

Fastest and easiest way to get money

Loan repayment insurance

Ensure regular settlement of liabilities in unforeseen circumstances

Without receiving earnings through a payment account in Banca Intesa

All you need to do is attach the completed form "Certificate of employment and amount of income" in the application, which can be found on our website.

How to get a cash loan or allowed overdraft through the digital banking application?
online cash credit loan
How to get a cash loan or allowed overdraft through the digital banking application?
Log in to the digital banking application and choose "Loans" or "Allowed Overdraft" option under "Product Catalog"
Set the amount, repayment period and learn about all the terms of the desired loan.
Check the amount of your salary, read and agree to the offered conditions and submit a request
After approval, check the approved conditions, accept the contract documentation and disburse the loan
The money is in your account and the loan is insured, if you requested insurance when applying for the loan.
Types of cash loans
You can realize these loans without a single visit to the branch for amounts up to 600,000 RSD.
For loan amounts higher than RSD 600,000, you can apply through digital banking, with one visit to the branch office to realize the desired loan amount.
Laki Cash loan
Cash loan with tenor up to 12 months.

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Intermezzo cash loan
Cash loan with tenor up to 71 months.

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Senior Cash loan
Cash loans for pensioners with free life insurance.

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Terms of loans
Detailed terms and representative examples download in bottom of page.
intesa online login offer

Take a look at your offer and submit a request

In the upper right corner, click the "Login" button, log in, see the "Product Catalog" and the offer created just for you.


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