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Special offers for you

Housing loans

Get house loan approval without coming to the bank, with a video meeting. 

  • Have a video meeting with an advisor, from wherever it's convenient for you
  • Fixed interest rate in EUR for up to 20 years
  • No loan processing fee
  • Even in 7 days until approval from the submission of the request

intesa casa portal housing loans even faster

Save on special terms or invest in investment funds

Whether you want to save for future times and the new opportunities they bring you, or you would rather invest and thus achieve your plans, Banca Intesa is the right choice.

  • Save on special terms until 30/4/2024
  • Invest financial resources in investment funds through the Open Investment Fund Management Company with public offering Intesa Invest ad Beograd

savings banca intesa

Fastest way to cash - Online cash loans

Cash can be in the account in 15 minutes, without going to a branch.

All you need to do is:

  • Log in to the digital banking application and in the "Loans" option, choose a loan tailored to your needs or fill out the contact form on the website
  • Decide on the type of loan i
  • money can be in the account in 15 minutes

*In specific situations, response time may take longer than 15 minutes as specific loan application processing depends on certain external services.

online cash loan banca intesa

Buy in instalments without interest

Now you can make purchases in up to 12 installments at more than 9,000 points of sale in Serbia with your Visa Inspire and Dina debit cards, which were issued with your payment account.

  • The bank automatically approves the service for you, subject to the fulfillment of certain criteria.
  • When paying at marked sales points, it is enough to emphasize to the seller that you want to buy in installments.

credit cards banca intesa buy on installments

Withdraw money without a card #withCASH

You can withdraw cash from an ATM without using a payment card with the help of a code you create within the Digital Banking service.

  • You can use the generated code yourself or share it with another person
  • The maximum amount for cash withdrawal through this option is RSD 10,000
  • The duration of the code is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes


digital banking e-bankinf withcash banca intesa

Self Service portal Banca Intesa

We have created a portal for you to manage a set of services and products so that you can manage your finances even more easily and simply without going to the bank or calling the Contact Center.

Options available:

  • Creating payment instructions
  • Redirection of cards to another branch
  • Announcement of payment of money

banca intesa selfservice portal

Keep valuables in our safes

Banca Intesa offers safe leasing services at multiple locations.

  • The safe lease procedure is very simple
  • You need to have an open dinar payment account
  • The fee is charged from your account automatically