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eGrađanin, ConsentID, and QEC

More quickly and easily to electronic signature and services of eUprava

eGrađanin, ConsentID, and Qualified Electronic Certificate service activation

Now you can more quickly and easily activate the services of eGrađanin, ConsentID, and Qualified Electronic Certificate, which is a replacement for a handwritten signature allowing digital signing of documents.

You can activate these services in the Digital Banking App and you are not required to go to the bank or any of the registration authorities to get parameters.

How to get ConsentID and QES?

In collaboration with the IT Office and e-Uprava, we have enabled you to generate parameters for the ConsentID App and to generate QES in the cloud on your own, through Digital Banking (Banca Intesa Mobi and Banca Intesa Online), and so use the benefits of the most of e-Uprava services, such as property tax payment, ordering and downloading certificates and confirmations or scheduling appointments for personal document issue.

1. Creating ConsentID parameters

1. Creating ConsentID parameters

Step 1 – In our Intesa Mobi App, select Settings (gear icon) in the drop-down menu, then select Security, and in the end, select ConsentID.

Step 2 – Click on the Activate button in the Consent ID and eGrađanin options.

Check if the information shown is correct, confirm this information, and approve the service activation by entering the PIN you use to log in the Intesa Mobi App. 

You should copy the shown user ID, as you will need it later, during the activation process.

The second part of the security code will be sent by an SMS, to increase the security level.

Pending Activation status is shown as long as the activation is not completed in the settings.

2. ConsentID App download and activation

2. ConsentID App download and activation

Step 1 – Having completed these steps, you should download the ConsentID App from the Apple Store or Play Store.

Step 2 – Create a six-digit PIN to use for logging in the Consent ID App and confirm it. Two activation methods will be displayed and you should select Manually Insert Parameters.