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Installment purchase by debit cards

What do I need to know?

Number of installments and benefits?

Whenever you want, at over 9,000 points of sale, you can split your purchase up to 12 monthly installments without interest with a fee that depends on the type of payment account you use. The installments will be due to you on a monthly basis, with the first installment due immediately upon the initial processing of the transaction.

Which cards?

Individuals, owners of dinar current accounts with which a debit card was issued (DinaCard debit, Visa Inspire, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite), with regular monthly income * in the Bank, have the opportunity to purchase in installments with debit cards.

What is the limit?

The maximum limit that you can have available for purchases in installments with a debit card is in the amount of one monthly regular salary, and not more than 300,000 dinars.

The option to purchase in installments is granted automatically to customers who:

  • Have a current account with regular income in the Bank, and a debit card issued on that account (DinaCard debit, Visa Inspire, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite)
  • Have resident status
  • Have a minimum of 20 years at the time of approval of functionality
  • Fulfilling the conditions related to creditworthiness, and the conditions defined by the Bank's credit policy
  • They are orderly in settling their credit obligations
  • Do not have the possibility of issuing checks, ie they have not issued checks or realized checks in the last 12 months.

The bank will inform the client, in case of approving the service, as well as the amount of approved available funds for purchase in installments in accordance with the agreed communication channel.

The fee for payment in installments at the merchant's point of sale is calculated for each installment and amounts to 50 RSD for all types of payment accounts except for:
Intesa Hit Plus payment account, amount of fee per installment 40 RSD;
Intesa Magnifica payment account, free of charge.

Additional informations

Information on the amount of maximum available funds / limits for installment purchases, the currently available balance and overdue installments can be obtained by calling the Contact Center or at the Bank's branch office.
You can request the cancellation of the debit payment option at any time, as well as the early maturity of the installment. Upon cancellation of the option to purchase in installments with debit cards, it is possible to request the issuance of checks.

You can view the fees related to this functionality on the Banca Intesa website within the Bank's Tariff.


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