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During the trip, there are possible situations in which unplanned health conditions can disrupt the plans and enjoyment of the vacation.

That is why, in cooperation with Generali Insurance, we offer you the possibility of contracting an international travel insurance policy, with which you are provided with efficient and professional support in case of sudden illness or accident.

There are two insurance models at your disposal.

Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance

International Travel Insurance

The standard travel health insurance package includes:

  • payment of hospital (hospitalization) and outpatient (ambulatory) treatment costs,
  • transport to the nearest doctor,
  • referral to a doctor and medical advice,
  • monitoring the insured's health condition,
  • visiting a sick child,
  • shared accommodation with a sick child,
  • visiting a loved one,
  • using an interpreter in case of emergency.


Gold international travel insurance covers:

  • Standard coverage, as well as travel and legal assistance services
  • Money lending services,
  • information before travel,
  • the return of children left without care,
  • administrative assistance in case of theft of documents,
  • baggage retrieval and diversion,
  • towing service information,
  • money loan in case of robbery,
  • information about lawyers,
  • compensation due to hospital treatment during the trip - if due to an insured event the insured spends at least 72 continuous hours in hospital treatment in accordance with the Conditions, the Insurer will pay a fixed compensation in the amount of money specified on the policy/certificate.

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