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Success for us means not just achieving business goals, but also creating products and services that really meet our clients’ needs, empowering companies operating inside our suppliers’ circle, investing in the development of our employees and the community as a whole, and controlling our impact on the environment. That is why we constantly strive to achieve our business goals in a way that takes into account the needs of all the interested parties. In addition, constant dialogue with and the exchange of opinion between all the participants in our business, social and natural environment allow us to understand their needs and expectations and harmonize them with our business strategy.


We constantly strive to contribute to sustainable development by offering innovative products and services that really meet our clients’ needs, and offering full support to the economy and people. Special care is taken to meet the needs of vulnerable segments of society, and that is why financial inclusion is an important determinant of our customer relations, which includes dialogue, open communication and their satisfaction.


The spirit of community and belonging that we cherish is of great importance to us. We strive to create an inspiring working environment for our employees, the one that allows them optimal professional and personal development. We offer the same opportunities to all our employees, believing that respecting every employee, listening to their opinion and striving towards their satisfaction, lie at the foundation of developing the working environment rooted in mutual trust and loyalty.


We believe that by establishing and cherishing long-term partnerships with our suppliers, founded on the principles of being engaged in a dialogue, transparency and equality, we create values for our own business activities as well as for the activities of the companies in our suppliers’ chain. By empowering these companies and promoting sustainability in our suppliers’ chain, we contribute to increasing employment rates and supporting the development of local economy and local communities.


We are devoted to improving the quality of life in our society by meeting the needs of the community by financing projects, participating in the initiatives of greater social importance and strengthening the culture of corporate volunteering. Protecting cultural and historical heritage, promoting art, investing in health care, and supporting young people and education, are the activities we are focused on. Through participation in local networks of international initiatives that promote sustainability we strive to exchange the best practice and serve as an example to general public.


We are well aware of the fact that in addition to economic responsibility we hold the responsibility for the consequences that our decisions could have on the environment. In line with our Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy we seek to employ ecologically responsible practice, promote responsible behaviour and reduce direct and indirect impact on the environment, stressing out the responsible management of resources and the support for our clients to increase own energy efficiency.