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Home insurance

Carefree in your home

Insurance against numerous unwanted risks (lightning strike, fire...)

Insurance tailored to you

Different insurance packages according to your needs

Repair the damage in a short time

Quick payment of damages in the event of an insured event

Household Insurance

Be carefree in your home with household insurance because in the event of sudden circumstances that can cause damage such as fire, flood, lightning strike, burglary, the insurance company will help you repair the damage in a short period of time and restore the property to its previous state.

You can arrange household insurance with a home loan when the duration of the insurance is equal to the duration of the loan, but also independently for residential buildings you own when you choose the duration of the insurance yourself.


By contracting household insurance, you can insure individually or in combination:

  • facilities intended for housing as well as garages, summer kitchens and economic facilities;
  • things that serve to decorate an apartment or house, for the personal use of the insured and family members;
  • responsibility from the ownership of the mentioned facilities;
  • liability as a natural person for damages caused to third parties.

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