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Car insurance

Car insurance

Car insurance is motor vehicle insurance, which helps you eliminate the consequences of damage to your vehicle and return your car to its previous state. It is important to know that, if you damage another person's vehicle in traffic, your liability is covered by the automobile liability insurance policy, but if you damage your own vehicle due to your own fault – car insurance is the solution.

Generali Insurance

Generali Insurance

Car Insurance

You can choose to contract a car insurance with validity only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, or on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Europe. The insurance period can be:

  • short-term car insurance (for one year or less),
  • car insurance over multiple years with a definite term (the term must be longer than one year) and
  • car insurance over multiple years with an indefinite term (the term must be longer than one year).

By selecting a coverage combination within car insurance, your vehicle can be protected against the following risks: traffic accidents, fire, explosion (except nuclear explosion), sudden external thermal or chemical reaction, fall or getting hit by an object which is not an integral part of the subject of insurance, fall of an aircraft, manifestations or demonstrations, malicious actions or wickedness of third parties, damage to upholstered parts in an insured vehicle when providing assistance to persons injured in traffic accidents or otherwise, intentionally caused damage to the insured item for the purpose of preventing greater damage, as well as measures taken to reduce or eliminate damage, lightning strike, storm, hail, snow avalanche, as well as falling of snow and ice on the vehicle, rock fall or landslide, flood, current and high water levels, vehicle submersion (can be agreed with a separate clause), vehicle theft which includes: burglary, armed robbery and theft of an entire vehicle or parts thereof, fraud, evasion (can be agreed with a separate clause).

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