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Casco car insurance

Motor vehicle insurance

Insurance in case of damage or total destruction of the vehicle

Validity in Serbia and Europe

Comprehensive vehicle protection in the country and abroad

Restoring to its original condition

For your new or existing car

Most of the time, you cannot predict and prevent unplanned, unpleasant events, but if they do happen, with comprehensive insurance you can overcome them more easily and restore your vehicle to its previous condition.

It is important to know that if you damage another person's vehicle in traffic, your responsibility is covered by the auto liability insurance policy, but if you damage your vehicle through your own fault, comprehensive insurance is the solution.

You can contract comprehensive insurance valid only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, or on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Europe.

The duration of the insurance contract can be:

  • short-term comprehensive insurance (for one year or less);
  • multi-year comprehensive insurance with a specific term (the term must be longer than one year);
  • multi-year comprehensive insurance with an indefinite term (the term must be longer than one year).
Different insurance models are available to you
Combination A

Combination A

Car Insurance

Your vehicle can be protected against the following risks:

Traffic accident, fire, explosion (except nuclear explosion), sudden thermal or chemical action from the outside, fall or impact of an object (which is not the subject of insurance), fall of an aircraft, manifestations or demonstrations, malicious acts or hangings of third parties, damage to upholstered parts in the insured vehicle when providing assistance to persons injured in traffic accidents or in another way, damage caused by prevention of major damage, lightning strike and/or objects struck by lightning, storm, hail, snow avalanche, landslide or collapse of soil and rocks (unless the cause is landslide or collapse of soil and rocks earthquake), flood, torrent and high water.

Combination B

Combination B

Combination B

This type of comprehensive insurance covers the following risks:

Vehicle theft and fraud with all coverage from Combination A.

Combination C

Combination C

Combination C

Valid only for vehicles stationary at a predefined place of insurance: fire, manifestations or demonstrations, lightning strike and/or objects struck by lightning, storm, hail, snow avalanche, landslide, flood, torrent, high water.

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