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Mastercard Travel Rewards

Mastercard Travel Rewards

The global benefit program Mastercard Travel Rewards, lasting an entire year and enabling cash-back, i.e. direct refund to the users’ accounts connected to the Mastercard is now available to users of Mastercard® Gold and Platinum cards

Spring holidays in Italy, summer in Spain, shopping in Milan, Paris or London, Mediterranean spa experience in Palma de Majorca or simple online shopping of your favourite brand. All of the above and 300 more different offers which include numerous destinations, vendors and exclusive brands from around the world which allow online or on-site payment, with the option of automatic cash-back.

Visit our website https://mtr.mastercardservices.com/sr, check out our offers, and learn more about the priceless experiences which are now available to you. In order to activate automatic cash-back when paying by Mastercard, you need to enter the first 6 digits of your card number, and you can register if you wish to regularly receive information on the latest offers.