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Visa Gold credit card

In instalments

Equal monthly instalments

Without interest for up to 40 days

Without interest for purchases until the 10th of next month

Travel insurance gift card

Providing additional safety on trips

Pay at more than 9,000 stores around the country

You can use MasterCard Standard at more than 9,000 stores around the country. The deadline for settling the monthly obligation of 5% (of the total debt from the previous period) is the 10th of the month. Liabilities arising from the use of credit cards (calculated in RSD and EUR) can be settled through a standing order, Banca Intesa mobile and electronic banking, or by payment at the Bank's counter.
Liabilities calculated in dinars (RSD) can also be settled at the counters of other banks and post offices.

Visa Gold credit card
Visa Gold credit card
  • The annual membership fee amounts to RSD 6,000 and it is paid in 12 monthly instalments
  • Travel insurance gift card
  • Deferred payment up to 40 days
  • Buy online and at point of sale in instalments
Pay in instalments without interest

Gift card

Travel insurance gift card provides extra safety on trips in Europe, including Turkey, Cyprus, Canary Islands and Montenegro. Travel insurance card is invalid in countries where the client acquired the citizenship right. The card also does not include Serbia. The insurance package also applies to the members of your immediate family, in case they accompany you on your travel. For the Visa Gold card user the insurance also covers recreational skiing accidents.

Safe online shopping


Payment for shopping on websites with specified sign Verified by VISA is approved for each transaction by one-time password received via SMS to the verified mobile phone number, confirmed at a Banca Intesa branch office. You can find more information on this protection method HERE.

Credit card request submission
Get the credit card you wish in a few steps.
Bring your ID, certificate of employment and the amount of earning

Branch office
Submit your request for issuing a credit card at the nearest branch
SMS notification
The bank will send you the info that the card is ready for collection
Collect your card at the branch office where the request was submitted
List of branch offices
Find the Banca Intesa branch office closest to you

Required documents for pensioners

Application for the issuance of Visa Gold credit card can be submitted at any Banca Intesa branch office. All you need for submitting a request are your ID card and the last three pension cheques.


Safety recommendations

Considering that cards have become part of everyday life, we pay special attention to security.
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Additional information

Complete list of fees discover on link.


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