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Benefits for Pensioner Card users

Especially for pensioners, users of the Pension Card of the Republic PIO Fund, we have provided a number of benefits with which you can save, feel more secure and dispose of your pension earlier.

  • Payment of pension one day earlier.
  • Discounts of up to 20% await you when purchasing with our payment cards at selected partners; See here where you can buy everything with a discount.
  • Insurance with Intesa Hit Plus payment account in case of bone fracture due to accident, surgical intervention, serious diseases and disability.
  • The possibility to divide your purchase into up to 12 monthly installments with our payment cards. You can find information about the possibility of paying in installments with debit cards here.

Additional benefits

We have prepared and additional benefits that you can use until March 31, 2024.

  • With the pension transfer, you can opt for any of our payment accounts, which you can use for 3 months without maintenance fees*

After the expiration of the specified period, the maintenance of the payment account will be charged depending on the type of account you have chosen, so for the Package payment account with basic services, the price of monthly maintenance is 150 RSD, Intesa Hit payment account 350 RSD, Intesa Hit Plus payment account 475 RSD and Intesa Magnifica payment account 799 RSD.

Here you can view all benefits and get detailed information about payment accounts.

  • With the realized Senior cash loan, you will receive a gift voucher worth RSD 1,300 for laboratory analyzes at our partner Aqulab laboratory.

Enjoy special benefits and products designed just for you.

*For new clients who open a payment account at Banca Intesa