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Safe use of payment cards

safety recommendations for payment cards banca intesa
Recommendations for safe use of payment cards
  • Upon the card receipt at the Bank’s branch office, you must sign it because an unsigned card is invalid.
  • In case of card loss or theft dial the number 011 3010 -160, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The Bank will never ask you, via telephone, e-mail, social media or in any other manner, to send a PIN and number of your payment card or numeric code used to sign a transaction with your payment card over the Internet.
  • When using the card abroad, if you have a registered mobile phone number in the bank, you will receive an SMS notification for each completed transaction.
Storing your PIN and card

Storing your PIN and card

PIN code is your identification number containing four digits. PIN code is used to authorize payments at points of sale, as well as for cash withdrawal at ATM.

Never write down your PIN code or keep it together with the card. Memorize your PIN code and destroy the envelope.

If you think someone has your PIN code, please contact us through the Contact Centre or come to the branch office.

Protection for payments at points of sale

Protection for payments at points of sale

  • Use your hand to cover the keyboard for PIN code entry and get additional privacy;
  • Enter your PIN code in person at POS terminal. Never disclose your PIN code to the third party, even if requested by the merchant;
  • Do not allow any person that makes payment to take away the card out of your sight;
  • Pay attention to the manner in which the card is treated by the dealer, and do not allow the card to be swiped through additional devices regardless of potential explanation provided by the employee at the point of sale;
  • If contactless payment is used, the card should be brought to the device by you in person, as there is no need to give the card to the vendor;
  • If in any doubt regarding the treatment method for your payment card, call the Bank Contact Centre to consult about possible card blockage and replacement.
Protection for cash withdrawal at ATMs

Protection for cash withdrawal at ATMs

Cash withdrawal process at an ATM begins with the card inserted into the ATM, and afterwards you select the language and enter your PIN code. And then, follow the instructions written on the screen. Banca Intesa ATMs perform such transaction by delivering money first, and then the payment card. To take the money and the card you have 30 seconds for each action. If you do not withdraw your cash or collect you card within that period, the ATM will keep them. In that case, contact the employees at the branch office or call the Bank’s Contact Centre.

During cash withdrawal at an ATM:

  • If you are unsure about the use of ATM, look for an instruction manual or contact the employees at any branch office of the Bank and we will provide you with all necessary information and instructions.
  • Never ask passers-by for help and do not give your credit card and PIN code to strangers, so they could do the transaction instead.
  • Pay attention to the ATM appearance. If you notice any additional devices or damage to the ATM, contact the employees at the branch office or call the Bank’s Contact Centre.
  • Cover the keyboard with your hand for the purposes of PIN code entry. In case there is a person of suspicious behaviour nearby, we recommend you to suggest such person to do the transaction before you do yours, and only after the person is away from the ATM should you do the transaction.
  • Upon the successful transaction, put the money, card and slip away, and then get away from the ATM.