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Banka Intesa Beograd (doskorašnja Delta Banka) nudi svim građanima, bilo da su klijenti Banke Inteza ili ne, najbrži i najlakši načinu da dođu do keša, u periodu velikih prazničnih kupovina.S obzirom da je period slava već počeo, da predstoje novogodišnji i božićni praznici, povećana je tražnja za kešom, a u Banci Intesa najtraženiji je Laki keš, gotovinski kredit. Nove mere NBS-a nisu uticale na promenu uslova, pa Banka Intesa odobrava Laki keš i dalje bez depozita i to je velika prednost ovog keš kredita.

Banca Intesa Beograd (ex-Delta Banka) offers all citizens, no matter whether they are clients of Banca Intesa or not, an opportunity to get cash on the fastest and easiest way during the Christmas shopping period.As the period of familiy feasts - „Slava“ has already started and Christmas and New Year are approaching, the demand for cash increased and the most wanted loan in Banca Intesa is the „Laki keš“ cash loan. The new measures of the NBS have not influenced the change of conditions, so Banca Intesa is still granting Laki keš without deposit and this is a great advantage of this cash loan. You also do not need any guarantors, deposits, down payments, administrative bans, and we do no calculate any loan request handling fee, either. It is a loan which is max. transparent and it is fully described to the client in the moment of submitting the request. There are no hidden costs in this loan, i.e. what is presented to the client is what he is really expected to do during the loan repayment. The fact that this loan can easily be repaid is also confirmed by the concrete example: for Laki keš in the amount of 1.000€ on 12 months, the total repayment amount would be 1.117€, i.e. only 117€ more in regard to the withdrawn amount and with all included costs.

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