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Intesa Hit current account

Analysing the needs and problems people are facing and wishing to assist them to solve these problems in an easier way, Banca Intesa Beograd offered a new retail product of high quality – the Intesa Hit current account.

Analysing the needs and problems people are facing and wishing to assist them to solve these problems in an easier way, Banca Intesa Beograd offered a new retail product of high quality – the Intesa Hit current account. Justifying its leading position at the market, the Bank offers here several useful options that are completely new on our market along with the existing ones. This product is also available to those groups of people like free lancers, artists and the so called liberal professions, that up to now could not become the beneficiaries of some banking options. Within this product, the bank has created an offer for them, too. And all that in the recognizable manner of Banca Intesa Beograd – to be available to all and have a max. simplified procedure, which should facilitate the clients’ day-to-day operations with the bank. After opening the Intesa Hit current account, the beneficiaries take additional advantages of taking loans and using other services of Banca Intesa. 

Conditions for opening the Intesa Hit current account –Refusals are past !

There are no complicated procedures and no guarantors in the opening of the Intesa Hit current account. It may be opened by persons that have regular monthly inflows of funds, no matter whether they are employed or not. Concerning documents, all you need is the identity card, and depending on the working status, the confirmation on the transfer of the regular salary or pension - for employees and pensioners, and a safety deposit - for persons with incomes but without permanent employment.

1. A Euro more - Hit service of the Banca Intesa Beograd current account !

The Euro more option offers the client to exchange dinars into euro monthly - on the most favourable exchange rate. The Euro more option may be used in several ways: 

  1. To exchange money? In any moment, on the client’s request, money may be exchanged on the Bank’s counter or through the Banca Intesa On-line Plus service on the most favourable exchange rate.
  2. To keep the value of the funds on the current account? The client only has to define the dinar amount on his/her current account above which he/she would like all payments/inflows to be automatically converted into euros. Euros are available in any moment and may be withdrawn whenever the clients wants. The way of functioning is very simple. The Intesa Hit account consists of two parts, the dinar and the euro part. When you decide to use this service, you first spend the dinars from your current account, then the euros and afterwards you go into overdraft, i.e. only when there is no money either on the dinar or on the euro part of the account. 
  3. To save with the Intesa Hit current account! The client only defines how much money per month he/she wants to put on savings, and the Bank shall exchange the defined dinar amount into euro on the most favourable exchange rate through a standing order, on the day defined by the client and transfer the funds on the foreign currency account . 

The clients of Banca Intesa do not need to search for the most favourable exchange rate in town, they will find it within the Intesa Hit current account.

2. MasterCard credit card

With the Intesa Hit current account, the client receives the MasterCard® credit card, without any additional costs and guarantees.

With this credit card the client shall pay goods and services on installments or withdraw cash in the country and abroad and with this you also have interest-free deferred payment from the monthly settlement, and max. up to 40 days.

The MasterCard credit card is a multipurpose loan, consumer and cash. It functions as a revolving loan, which understands that you monthly settle min. 10% of the total debt amount, while the interest is calculated on the remaining debt. Obligations per card shall be automatically settled from the Intesa Hit account till the 10th in the month.

3. Overdraft

With the Intesa Hit current account, the client is allowed to go into overdraft immediately after the first salary/pension has been paid on the account or after the payment of the safety deposit, if there are no regular incomes.

4. SMS Information

Concerning this option, the bank shall send a SMS message to the client informing him/her about every received payment on the current account.

On the client’s inquiry the Bank shall sends a SMS message 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the information about the balance on the current account, amount of available funds per cards or send a statement on  e-mail.

5. On-line banking

In any moment, from any place, the client may administer his/her finances in an electronic way through the Banca Intesa On-line Plus service. For the client’s safety the bank enables electronic payment by giving a mini CD with a digital certificate. This option enables the client to use the following services:

  • All dinar payments that are otherwise effected on the counters of the bank (the first 5 monthly payments are free of charge, and a commission of 15 dinars per bill shall be charged for all other payments)
  • Payment of the accounts determined beforehand
  • Printing of payment orders
  • Transfer of funds from one to another account within the bank
  • Conversion of currencies
  • Check of the balance and turnover overview
  • Receipt and printing of statements
  • Overview of unrealized checks
  • Overview of the consumption per payment cards
  • Check of the balance per loans

6. Standing order

With the standing order, every month Banca Intesa shall transfer funds directly from the current account and pay, without commission, the monthly bills: for electricity, phone, public utilities, kindergarten, settle the loan installments, pay obligations according to the payment cards, transfer money within accounts in the bank and pay other services instead of the client, as he/she should choose.

7. Health insurance

With the Intesa Hit current account, the client shall also receive as a bank’s gift, an additional health insurance of Delta insurance. This insurance provides for a financial compensation in case of a seriouos illness, operation or disability as a consequence of an incident. The paid out compensation may be used without qualifying the purpose for which it shall be spent.  

8. Maestro payment card

Maestro is a debit payment card that the client receives free of charge when he/she opens the Intesa Hit current account and at the same time the card is an identification card of the current account. With the Maestro card, the client may withdraw money on ATMs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and effect payments in the country and abroad in the amount of the available funds on the current account!

9. Checks

10. Payment  of all types of bills with min. commission

The maintenance of the Intesa Hit current account of Banca Intesa Beograd, with all described useful options amounts to 198,00 dinars monthly, without any additional, hidden costs. 

These are the hits you simply must have!