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Soccer camp for children held under sponsorship of Banca Intesa

The Italia Soccer Camp for children, organised with the support of Banca Intesa, was held for the first time in Serbia from July 6 to July 10, 2015. More than hundred children aged between 7 and 14 had an opportunity to learn the secrets of football through technical and fitness trainings together with six prominent Italian experts, led by Italy’s renowned national team player Salvatore Toto Schillaci.

“We are here today in Belgrade, thanks to Banca Intesa Beograd support, because we strongly believe in this Country's potential in the world of football. The young peoples who will be attending the Italia Soccer Camp will get the opportunity to train themselves using the methods of top Italian official technical staff," stated Salvatore Schillaci. "If we note some kids with particular interesting talent during the event, we will follow them carefully, offering them the opportunity to show their skills in Italy” concluded the footballer who was historical the Top Scorer of FIFA World Cup 1990 and plaid as forward in FC Juventus and FC Inter Milano.

The school of football held at the fields of Stadion Trade Centre in Belgrade was attended by the boys and girls from all parts of Serbia, and its realisation was made possible by Banca Intesa, who has been contributing to the realisation of such projects in Serbia for the past nine years.

“Supporting the projects intended for children and young people, regardless of whether we are talking about their education or psycho-physical development, is one of the main strategic guidelines of Banca Intesa’s social responsibility activities. We believe that sport not only affirms the positive values of unity, solidarity and the sense of being a part of the team, but also places the children in an environment in which they can develop self-confidence and acquire important leadership skills at an early age that will accompany them throughout their life,” said Darko Popovic, Executive Board Member and Head of Retail division of Banca Intesa.

The most successful camp attendants were invited to Italy with their families to take part in The Italia Soccer Camp day, a tree-day event which will be held in Florence at Coverciano academy fields. Among the rest, the selected players will enjoy training sessions, special courses, Italian Football Museum tour as well as a Serie A match.