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Banca Intesa won Planeta Biznis award

Banca Intesa is recipient of the Planeta Biznis prize, awarded by economic magazines Ekonometar and Magazin Biznis for the bank that invested the most funds in development of society and local community in 2014.

During the previous year, Banca Intesa donated RSD 61.33 million in total to the community. The vast part of the funds was used to provide aid to flood affected citizens and repair of the damage in municipalities across Serbia. In addition, the funds were invested in the work of social and health institutions, support to implementation of a number of cultural projects and initiatives, development of arts, promotion of sports, education and scientific and research activities.

“In the past ten years, which is exactly how long the bank has been operating in the Serbian market, Banca Intesa has been developing own and has taken part in many major corporate responsibility projects, conducted in order to provide support to the social community. Unfortunately, Serbia was struck by severe floods last year; therefore, our engagement in corporate philanthropy field in 2014 mainly involved providing assistance to the affected citizens. As part of this assistance, our employees rose funds for affected families and colleagues, while we awakened the general public interest through the “Be Part of a Good Deed” campaign that we carried out in collaboration with MasterCard. I believe that our example will be an inspiration to other companies in the country to take an active part and help development of local communities they operate in,” said Draginja Đurić, CEO of Banca Intesa.

This is the third Planeta Biznis award for corporate philanthropy Banca Intesa has received.