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Proclaimed finalists of the annual contest Intesa Farmer

Banca Intesa has selected finalists of the second annual Intesa Farmer contest for the title of the best agricultural producers in vegetable growing, crop farming, fruit growing and cattle breeding. Stipan Štrangar from Bački Monoštor, Atila Almadi from Mol and Željko Sefkerinac from Banatsko Novo Selo are still competing for Intesa Crop Farmer title, whereas Milan Tomović from Kuštunići, Ilija Mijić from Futog and Slobodan Nikolić from Brestač are finalists in Intesa Vegetable Grower category. Intesa Farmer's expert jury singled out Tatjana Horvat from Donji Tavankut, Zorica Kovačević from Čerević and Sergej Vujačić from Vrbas as top three candidates in Fruit Growing, and Mikloš Balaš from Čantavir, Sofija Vrbaški from Mol and Jovan Makitanović from Kuzmin in Intesa Cattle Breeding categories.

The announcement of winners is planned to be held in December, and the most sucessful contestants are to win a trip to the International Agricultural Fair SAI (Salon International de’l Agriculture) in Paris in February, 2015. Moreovoer, Banca Intesa is going to award the winners RSD 100,000 vouchers for the purchase of agricultural equipment or fodder at partner companies.

237 agricultural producers who are Banca Intesa's clients applied for the 2014 Intesa Farmer contest, and the jury selected finalists based on the annual results achieved through agricultural production, involvement of their family members in production process, storage capacity and promptness in meeting payments to the Bank.