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Gifts for Banca Intesa MasterCard and Maestro card holders

Banca Intesa launches promotional campaign titled “Cards in Wonderland, Frendi Gifts Everywhere!” to reward its retail clients, holders of Maestro and MasterCard payment cards.

As a new school year is about to begin, the Bank will present a gift tailored to suit pupils’ needs for every payment with these cards at POS terminals in the country, in the amount of RSD 3,500 or more. Online purchases, cash withdrawals at ATMs in the country and abroad, as well as payments outside Serbia will not be included in the promotion.

As of August 29, the presents will be handed in at the bank’s promotional stands during the campaign period every Friday and Saturday in Belgrade (Ušće and Delta City shopping malls), Novi Sad (Big shopping mall), Niš (Forum shopping mall) and Kragujevac (Plaza shopping mall).

Payment slip as a proof of the transaction should be shown when the presents are collected; the amounts on the slips will not be added in order to achieve the amount required for obtaining of gifts. The promotion will last while stocks last, no later than September 20, 2014.