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Banca Intesa announced winners of Intesa Farmer 2013 contest

Banca Intesa selected the winners of the competition Intesa Farmer 2013, in the selection of the best agricultural producers in the following categories: crop farming, vegetable growing, fruit growing and cattle breeding. Stana Ošap from Žabalj is the winner of Intesa Crop Farmer Award, Jeno Kaposta from Subotica is the winner of Intesa Vegetable Grower Award while the best candidate in the Fruit Grower group was Tibor Turi, also from Subotica. Jovan Penov from Skorenovac, near Kovin is the winner of the Intesa Cattle Breeder award.

All winners of Banca Intesa’s competition are awarded with a trip to Berlin in early 2014 during which they are going to visit one of the most representative international fairs of agriculture - “International Green Week Berlin 2014”.

Over 160 farmers, Banca Intesa’s clients, applied to the competition “Intesa Farmer 2013”. Banca Intesa launched the project “Intesa Farmer 2013” to indicate once again the importance of the agricultural sector as exceptionally important segment for economic development of the country.