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Banca Intesa introduced a new savings product

Banca Intesa has expanded its selection of deposit products by introducing a new savings type – ‘Mesec po mesec’ (Month by Month) savings. This is a form of term-deposit savings that includes regular monthly payments in the amount the client chooses, according to one’s own financial abilities.

“Month by Month” savings is enabled in dinars and euros for all citizens, regardless of whether they are clients of Banca Intesa or some other bank. The minimal amount of regular monthly payment is 2,000 dinars or 20 euros, and the citizens have the option to increase the amount of the contracted monthly deposit during the deposit period. Dinar form of savings includes a 12-month maximal deposit period while citizens who opt for savings in euros are offered deposit periods of maximum 60 months.

Besides the ‘Month by Month’ savings model, the Bank’s savings products offer includes the standard dinar and foreign currency savings, Scale savings, Annuity savings and Bambino children’s savings.