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Granted more than 5.000 Intermezzo cash loans

Banca Intesa has granted over 5.000 Intermezzo cash loans since it, four months ago, introduced this cash loan model with a unique benefit on the market offering to citizens possibility to defer payment of monthly installments five times within the payment period. Beside the option of deferred payment, the loan also includes free insurance in case of job loss.

“The fact that the interest for Intermezzo cash loans Banca Intesa has been growing from month to month shows that the introduction of a loan product with high rate of flexibility in payment tailored our offer to the real needs of citizens, in the best possible way. In situations in which they need it more than ever, users of a loan might take a break in settlement of their obligations which is a unique benefit which stands out on the market”, Vladimir Vukoviæ, Executive Board member and Manager of Division for Retail and Small Enterprises Operations of Banca Intesa stated.