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Free travel insurance with certain Banca Intesa credit cards

Banca Intesa is giving away travel insurance to users of American Express Green and Gold payment cards. Assistance cards of free travel insurance for all countries in the world cover up to 180 days spent outside of Serbia in a 12-month period. Holders of Visa and MasterCard credit cards issued aside from Intesa Hit current account will also receive a policy of free travel insurance which covers Europe. Travel insurance cards are issued by Banca Intesa without any additional costs for the client.

Special benefit for all the citizens who have American Express Green and Gold payment cards, as well as Visa and MasterCard credit cards from the Gold program of Banca Intesa is the free travel insurance for members of the immediate family, spouses and children under the age of 18 when they travel together with the holder of the basic card. In order to use this function, users of the mentioned cards should register immediate family members with the Delta Generali insurance company. Bearing in mind that the annual fee for American Express Green credit card amounts to 2,400 dinars, as well as the fact that the insurance policy for a four-member family, planning a two-week stay in Greece, amounts to 4,720 dinars, users of this payment card can realize considerable savings with just one trip.

Also, Banca Intesa is giving all interested citizens, regardless of whether they are clients of the Bank or not, the possibility of buying travel insurance policy in any of the nearly 200 branch offices in 113 cities of Serbia.

With the aim of enabling our clients to pay for travel services at most affordable conditions, Banca Intesa established cooperation with more than 100 major travel agencies in the country, which entails payment of travel arrangements in several monthly installments without interest rate. Number of installments is defined by the provider of the specific travel service and it can go from two to twelve.