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Intermezzo cash loan

Banca Intesa has included Intermezzo cash loan in its offer, a new model of cash loan which offers users the possibility to delay payment of monthly instalment up to five times during the repayment period, as a unique incentive on the domestic market. Aside from that, the Intermezzo loan also brings insurance in case of job loss.

“Recognizing citizens’ needs as well as the difficulties they are faced with in everyday life, Banca Intesa is continuously working on improving its products and services. Even though we always advise our clients to take loans rationally and to manage their finances responsibly, we are aware that unexpected situations may occur often and make regular servicing of obligations more difficult. That is precisely why I believe that flexibility in loan repayment that this loan provides is offering a unique support on the market to the citizens at the moment when they estimate they need it the most”, stated Vlastimir Vuković, member of Banca Intesa Executive Board and head of the Retail Division.

Intermezzo cash loan is available to all the citizens, regardless if they are the Bank’s clients or not, and it is approved in dinars and euros.