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Banca Intesa and European Investment Bank have signed the Agreement on the New Credit Line

Banca Intesa has signed the agreement with the European Investment Bank on the new credit line in the value of 30 million euros, intended for credit financing of business entities. The loans from the credit line will be placed in the form of investment loans and loans for durable working assets for small, medium-sized and large enterprises. The bank will approve loans in the maximum amount of up to 12.5 million euros, with the repayment term of up 10 years, and the filing of loan applications has started today.

“Cooperation with international financial institutions is part of the determination of Banca Intesa to actively participate in the creation of environment which will contribute to the development and recovery of the economy in the long term, especially in the conditions of economic crisis. By the new credit line of the European Investment Bank we will provide necessary support to enterprises and enable them to continue their investment projects under very favourable conditions, but also to solve liquidity problem”, stated Darko Popović, Head of the Corporate Division of Banca Intesa.