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Banca Intesa Reconstructed the Ramparts of Novi Pazar

Banca Intesa finished the reconstruction of City Ramparts in Novi Pazar, one of the three locations with the highest number of citizens’ votes on the public contest organized within the corporate social responsibility project “The Place I Love“. The Bank financed the restoration and conservation works initiated in mid-August in their entirety in the amount of 10 million dinars, and they have been performed on the basis of the project of the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Monuments, with expert supervision of this body.

Official opening ceremony of reconstructed Ramparts will be held in spring, when the students of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade will have completed their academic project, the play “Awakening of the Ramparts” which will show the historic moment when Isa beg Isaković erected the fortress of Novi Pazar, the forerunner of today’s town of Novi Pazar.

“I am very proud that by successful realization of the project of reconstruction of the Ramparts of the Fortress of Novi Pazar we have aided for this cultural and historical symbol of the city, but also Serbia’s cultural heritage of extreme importance to be saved for future generations. Citizens have given significant support to the project and have decided, with almost 36,200 votes precisely for the Ramparts to be one of the three localities to be saved from oblivion through the restoration project, which would not have been carried out without excellent cooperation with the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Information and representatives of the town of Novi Pazar. By the project “The Place I Love” Banca Intesa initiated a unique initiative of the protection of cultural and historical repository of Serbia with the aim of engaging the widest public and strengthening the awareness of the wealth of our heritage, and the fact that citizens proposed 1,290 locations throughout the country for restoration goes to prove that we have fulfilled our main task .“ stated Maja Kolar, Head of the Marketing and Communications Department of Banca Intesa.

The conservation and restoration works were performed on the Novi Pazar Ramparts and included the northern and western bastion, as well as the wall with loop holes next to the "Motrilja“ watchtower. The works included the partial building of the Ramparts on the west side, the treatment of the tops of in-built walls, rebuilding of the outer walls of the Ramparts, as well as research, conservation and presentation of the newly discovered structure along the wall with loopholes.