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20th Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon

Beogradski Banca Intesa maraton, koji imao je svoje 20. jubilarno poglavlje na ulicama Beograda, u subotu, 21. aprila, obeležila je pobeda naše atletičarke, Olivere Jevtić...

The 20th anniversary Belgrade Banca Intesa Marathon that was held on the streets of Belgrade on Saturday April 21st, shall be remembered by the victory of our athlete Ms. Olivera Jevtić and by a huge number of participants particularly in the Race of Pleasure, which is estimated to have been the most numerous one up to now.

After four triumphs in half marathon, Olivera Jevtić dedicated the 11th marathon in her career to the citizens of Belgrade and the city of Belgrade, because only due to them and their support she managed to reach the finish line in spite of the injury and strong pains she suffered.

The victory in the male category was gained by the Kenyan John Maluni, who run the 42 km long track in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds and attained the second best result on the Belgrade run in these 20 years.

The Race of Pleasure, one of the most numerous ones in the previous years was the sincere support of the Belgrade citizens to the marathon and according to the estimates it gathered app. 25.000 amateur marathon runners. Banca Intesa promoted the Family trophy near the finish line zone, enabling the participants of the marathon to make a photo near the Family Trophy photo board.
The promoters of the this year’s marathon, the world record holders in the long jump, Bob Beamon and Mike Powel, contributed to the good atmosphere, too and the nice photos from our capital could be seen again worldwide by means of Eurosport, CNN, BBC and other foreign TV channels.