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Beginning of Restoration of the Bedemi of Novi Pazar

The restoration of the Bedemi of Novi Pazar which were among the three winning localities of the contest The Place I Love, conducted by Banca Intesa within the corporate social responsibility project with the same name, has started today. The restoration and conservation work on the Bedemi was preceded by the donation of Banca Intesa in the amount of 10 million dinars to the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Monuments, under whose protection this monument is. As the authorized institution, the Institute has created the project of Ramparts restoration and conducted a tender bid on which the company “DMD-Krov“ from Novi Pazar was chosen at the contractor. The project envisages the works on the Bedemi of Novi Pazar to last for 55 work days.

The restoration of parts of the Novi Pazar Fortress fortifications shall be made on the northern and western bastion, and on the wall with loop holes next to the "Motrilja“ watchtower. The works will comprise the rebuilding of the Bedemi on the west side, the treatment of the tops of in-built walls, rebuilding of the outer walls of the Bedemi, as well as a thorough cleaning of the area. Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Monuments shall provide the monitoring over the conservation works, and the Heritage Museum "Ras" from Novi Pazar will monitor the architectural research.