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Serbian-Italian business council

Chairman of the Italian Confederation of Electro-technical and Electronics Companies Confindustria Anie, Guidalberto Guidi was appointed the Co-Chairman of the Serbian – Italian Business Council at the Council’s founding session in Rome as a representative of the Italian side, while the Chairwoman of Banca Intesa Beograd’s Executive Board, Draginja Đurić was appointed the Council’s Co-Chairwoman on behalf of the Serbian side.

"The mission of the Business Council will be consolidation and upgrading of economic relations between Serbia and Italy. With our actions, we shall strive to advance cooperation between companies that are already operating Serbia. Our goal will also be to attract new investors, both from Italy and from countries in the region where Italian companies already have strong presence", said Draginja Đurić.

The establishment of the Serbian – Italian Business Council was initiated over a year ago by the Serbian Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and Italian Ministry for Economic Development. The aim of the Council is to advance and develop economic relations, as well as commercial, industrial and trade exchange between Serbia and Italy. The prominent businessmen from the two countries will work towards strengthening the cooperation between the private sectors, with a special emphasis on areas that are of strategic importance for economic developments and implementation of cooperation projects.

„Serbian market is very important and up-and-coming for Italian companies which are ready to invest abroad“, Guidi said and continued: „As a proof of that, let me just say that Italy is the third most important trade partner to Serbia and that there are over 200 Italian companies operating in Serbia.“