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Banca Intesa Rewards American Express Credit Cards Users

At the beginning of spring and first warm days Banca Intesa and American Express reward all American Express credit card users. All users who make a purchase by an American Express credit card in Serbia in the period from 6th May to 4th June in the amount higher than RSD 2,000 shall receive presents for spending time in nature.

Along with the confirmation that the transaction has been performed (slip) and the American Express credit card, each user may take over the picnic present each Friday or Saturday at promotion places of Banca Intesa and American Express, in the biggest shopping malls in Belgrade (TC Ušće, Delta City, Merkator, Knez Mihailova Street), Novi Sad (Merkator), Niš (TC Forum) and Kragujevac (Roda centar).

A set of picnic racquets or a thermos flask for spending time in nature may be won by any American Express credit card user who performs a payment in the amount higher than RSD 2,000. For all payments amounting to RSD 5,000 individually or cumulatively, each American Express credit card user shall gain the possibility to receive a higher category gift - a sports rucksack, picnic cooler bag, a set of badminton racquets and a set of racquets and a ball.

For more information please visit the following internet sites: http://www.bancaintesabeograd.com/ and http://www.americanexpress-srbija.com/ or call Banca Intesa Call Centre 011/310-8888.