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Customer Satisfaction Management from Students’ Perspective

In the presence of respected guests and media representatives, Banca Intesa launched the first students’ contest “Dokaži se 100%“, a contest in the creation of projects from the area of customer satisfaction management. Students of the 3rd and 4th years, as well as senior undergraduates of all universities in Serbia with an average grade of above 8.00 and a good knowledge of the English language have the right to participate in this contest.

Out of the applicants 12 participants will be chosen. Divided into 6 groups, they will compete in the creation of solutions to problems set. Contest regulations stipulate a month for project creation, after which the expert jury will select two winning teams: in the area of implementation and innovation, to represent Serbia at the international competition in Italy.

Four competitors from the best ranked teams will be awarded a EUR 1,000 scholarship, whereas the remaining eight participants will receive a monetary award in the equivalent value of EUR 300 each for their engagement on the project. The Parent Group will award the winners of the international contest with an internship in the International Subsidiary Banks Division of Intesa Sanpaolo or a summer school at a prestigious university - Universita Cattolica.

Slobodan Jauković, Assistant Minister in the Higher Education Department in the Ministry of Education and Science in the Serbian Government, Dejana Lazić, Head of the Student Career Development Centre of Belgrade University, Aliquot Laurence Marie Claude, Head of the Customer Satisfaction Management Department in the Intesa Sanpaolo International Subsidiary Banks Division and Maja Kolar, Head of the Marketing and Communications Department of Bank Intesa spoke about the importance of cooperation between the business and academic sector at the press conference.