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Agricultural Farms Insurance Loans

In cooperation with the Delta Generali insurance company, Banca Intesa has developed new loan models in order to enable simpler financing of insurance policies on crops, fruit or animals to registered agricultural households. Loans for agriculture insurance policies are approved in the amount of from 30,000 to 500,000 dinars, without a currency clause, with 3, 6, 9 or 12 month tenors. Loan users do not have to pay the loan request processing fee.

An additional advantage for this manner of insurance premium payment is a 10 percent discount approved by Delta Generali Osiguranje, as well as free accident insurance for all members of the registered agricultural farm. Also, by paying the insurance premium the loan user automatically gains the right to subsidies from the Republic of Serbia in the amount of 40 percent of the amount of the premium.

“In this way Banca Intesa continues to provide support to one of the most vital parts of the Serbian economy- to the registered agricultural farm owners themselves, providing them with the opportunity to focus on their primary activity, without fearing for the fruit of their work. Also, any loan financing of subjects from the small business segment represents necessary assistance at a time when even the companies with a significantly larger volume of operation are increasingly facing liquidity problems and the impossibility of greater investment into a further advancement of business activities”, stated Predrag Milenović, Head of the Small Business Sales Management Department in Banca Intesa.