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Stimulating interest rates for Bambino children’s savings

By promoting Bambino savings in Delta City shopping mall on October 30 and 31, Banca Intesa marked the beginning of the month for savings and promotional interest rates which will apply also to children’s savings throughout November. In the promotional period from October 31 till December 04, stimulating interest rates for Bambino savings will range from 5,85% for EUR to 13,50 % for RSD depending on the term period.

During the promotion of Bambino savings, parents were presented with the importance of timely appropriation of money for their children’s future, while the kids start to learn about the advantages of careful and responsible money management through adequate gifts, play, drawing and socializing with Bambino mascot.

FX or RSD Bambino saving accounts on behalf of a child can be opened only by a parent or foster care. The minimum initial payment to the RSD account part is RSD 1.000, whereas the initial payment is not obligatory the FX part of the account. Money can be paid at any time on the Bambino savings account, in the amount you find suitable in that moment. Only parent or foster care may pay in money to FX part of account. However, for the purpose of saving the money value, the money paid in by grandparents, cousins or friends to the RSD part will be automatically converted into euros according to the most favorable exchange rate. Money can be paid in cash in any Banca Intesa branch, transferring the funds from any RSD account in the country through Banca Intesa On-line applicaiton or by standing order.