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mt:s Banca Intesa payment card

mt:s and Banca Intesa have presented the first payment card on the market, which successfully combines advantages of flexible payment with more favorable services provided by mobile telephony. All interested users of prepaid and postpaid mts services may apply at our branches for Maestro and MasterCard payment cards, which will be connected to their mobile phone number.

When paying first time by mts Banca Intesa payment card, users will get the credit bonus of RSD 500. Additionally, in the first six months, each payment over RSD 2.000 earns the bonus of RSD 50. If the user’s total transactions using this payment card exceed RSD 30.000 within a months, another bonus of RSD 100 will be earned, i.e. the bonus of RSD 300 for the amount exceeding RSD 90.000.

The mt:s user will get the earned bonuses on his/her prepaid number as a credit that he/she can use in the current or following month, or on postpaid number as the deduction from the bill for the month when the bonus was earned.

As it is the case with other cards from the MasterCard Program, mts Banca Intesa payment card enables deferred payments with no interest between 70 and 100 days in ‘’Maxi”, ‘’Pekabeta” and ‘’C market”, and up to 40 days on all points of sales, as well as payments in 3 and 12 equal monthly installments with no interest at more than 1.500 points of sales throughout the country where Banca Intesa has signed business agreement.

Moreover, mts Banca Intesa payment cards allow contactless payments by means of the state-of-the-art PayPass technology.