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Banca Intesa to cut down interest rates

Owing to stability and support provided by the Parent Company Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Banca Intesa ensured cheaper sources of finance and thus created conditions to reduce interest rates on retail short-term loans. Favorable conditions shall apply on lending in RSD, and on those indexed in EUR for cash, consumer, car loans and refinancing loans.

„Banca Intesa constantly perceives the market and their clients’ expectations, and tries to take the advantage of each positive change in order to provide thier clients with best conditions. Stabilization of circumstances on international markets, on one hand, and reduction of reference interest rate by the National Bank of Serbia, on the other, allowed for cheaper RSD and FX lending conditions“, said Mr. Dejan Tešić, member of the Executive Board and head of Retail Division in Banca Intesa.