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Banca Intesa best communicates with media

According to the traditional research ‘’Journalist-Your Friend’’ carried out by "Pragma" PR agency, Banca Intesa was announced the Company that best communicated with media, in the category of profitable organizations besides Delta holding, Telekom MTS, Telenor and Merkator.

At the end of every calendar year, Pragma agency conducts the research of standpoints of journalists of most relevant Belgrade media about the quality of relation with media and relation with journalists of economy and non-economy organizations and celebrities in Serbia.

"Seventh power jury", composed of few hundreds of journalists of the most prominent Belgrade media, analyze the quality of relation with organizations’ media and celebrities in several categories: social economy organizations, private companies, cultural institutions, sport organizations, humanitarian and other non-governmental organizations, state institutions, political organizations, best press conferences, best press material. So far more than 1.400 journalists and media editors have been interviewed.