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Intesa Uno – maximum safety for deposits

Owing to stability and financial strength of the Gruppo our Bank belongs to, Banca Intesa now offers an unique product on our market - Intesa Uno saving, with a guarantee directly provided by Intesa Sanpaolo.

This type of saving products is primarily intended for citizens who withdrew their deposits from the banking sector in the period of escalation of economic crisis, fearing for their safety. Intesa Uno saving now ensures maximum safety, as deposits, along with the guarantees provided by Banca Intesa and Deposit Insurance Agency are now supported directly with the guarantee issued by Intesa Sanpaolo – one of the leading banking groups in Europe.

On Intesa Uno saving you can place amounts from EUR 500 upwards, for the period of 12 months, with the interest rate at 4,5% p.a. After time depositing of the placement, clients shall be presented with the guarantee in writing, within the period of ten days, which shall be handed to them personally.

Intesa Uno savings has been developed as one-of-its-kind international product of Intesa Sanpaolo Gruppo, which has been also successfully presented on markets in Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Romania and Albania.