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More favorable conditions for mortgage loans

Banca Intesa now offers a new model of mortgage loans, formed based on a credit line approved by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). The minimal amount of the loan, to be insured with National Mortgage Insurance Corporation amounts to EUR 10.000, while the maximum amount depends on the level of a client’s creditworthiness. The down payment for this type of the loan is 20, and/or 30 per cent of the property purchase price, with the effective interest rate per annum ranging from 6,52 per cent (for 20 and 25 per cent down payment) , to 6,17 per cent (for down payment from 25,01 to 30 per cent ). The maximum repayment period is 20 years, and clients are given the option to repay the loan earlier paying the fee of 1 per cent of the loan amount, whether partial or full repayment.

According to the Agreement executed with the Council of Europe Development Bank, financing 50 per cent of the facilities approved by the Bank, the flat area in square meters is limited by a number of family members: a maximum of 35 m2 per person in case of one-member household, 46 m2 for two-member household, 69 m2 for three-member households, 92 m2 for four-member households and additional 10 m2 for each new household member. This credit line is intended to those clients who purchase their first flat and have no flat in their possession or no mortgage loan under repayment. The maximum salary of the loan beneficiary may not exceed RSD 100.000, whilst the age limit for loan repayment is 65. Those who decide to solve their housing issue this way undertake to stay in the flat subject of the purchase at least 5 years from the date of loan realization.