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Banca Intesa receives recognition for best volunteering programme in 2015

The Responsible Business Forum has awarded Banca Intesa with the recognition for corporate volunteering in 2015 in the category “The Best Volunteering Programme“. The award, which recognises both the quality and the results of corporate volunteering programme “Intesa from the Heart“, was presented to the bank at the sixth annual conference on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Belgrade.

Banca Intesa launched its “Intesa from the Heart“ programme in 2013 wishing to promote the values of corporate volunteering and bring together all of its activities in this segment of CSR. This coordinated programme approach includes all volunteering projects and activities that the bank has been implementing individually as well as the initiatives it has been conducting in partnership with civil society organisations. Under the programme, Banca Intesa employees have contributed more than 8,000 volunteering hours to community so far.

As part of “Intesa from the Heart”, Banca Intesa organises annual campaign named “Wrap up a gift and make a child smile” within which employees prepare New Year presents for children without parental care and for the young with special demands, it takes part in volunteering activity “Our Belgrade” organised by the Corporate Responsibility Forum and also organises individual volunteering of its employees. Furthermore, the programme includes volunteering activities through which the bank responds to current social problems and since 2015 it incorporates the month of volunteering during which employees in all four regional centres of the bank put their time, energy and good mood at the disposal of the community by helping those in need.

In addition to the award for corporate volunteering, Banca Intesa has also been rewarded with the recognition of the Responsible Business Forum for its contribution to the development of non-financial reporting in Serbia and the introduction of the internationally recognised methodology for sustainability reporting– GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which it has been applying since 2012.

The Responsible Business Forum, established in 2008, represents an association of companies in Serbia which are devoted to promoting CSR development and helping community grow. The award for corporate volunteering was established in 2011, allowing for public promotion of the best practices of employee engagement in community. Since 2012 the award has been presented on national level in the following categories: The Best Volunteering Program, The Most Successful Partnership in Local Community, Development of Employees, Measuring of Results and Innovations.