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More affordable Banca Intesa refinancing loans

Banca Intesa has offered citizens dinar loans for refinancing with additional cash with the most favourable interest rate in the market and a fixed monthly instalment during the entire repayment period.

“Trying to provide as favourable conditions as possible to citizens for refinancing their obligations, with full cost predictability and transparency of debt, we have enabled them to unify their credit obligations stemming from different loans into one, with the lowest interest rate in the market and a fixed dinar instalment, which enables them to plan the repayment with the highest degree of certainty. In addition, Banca Intesa’s refinancing loan provides the bank’s clients with an option to borrow additional funds in line with their needs and possibilities”, said Nikša Ilović, head of the Individuals Segment Management Department at Banca Intesa.

The interest rate is fixed and starts from 12 percent annually. The loan is granted in the amount from RSD 25,000 to RSD 1,200,000, without deposit and down payment, with a repayment period of six to 72 months and a possibility of a grace period of three to six months. Furthermore, the loan provides additional security in unforeseen circumstances through insurance in case of job loss, at no additional cost.