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Even more favourable dinar loans

Banca Intesa has reduced interest rates on dinar cash loans, loans for refinancing with the possibility of obtaining extra cash, and loans for car purchase. The decrease in interest rates for certain cash loans is as much as 3.4 percentage points, and citizens may apply for loans under more favourable terms in all branch offices of Banca Intesa.

“The current situation in the market, reflected in price stability and gradual reduction of the central bank’s key policy rate has enabled us to continue the trend of lowering interest rates on dinar loan products which have been in constant decline in Banca Intesa since the beginning of 2014. Bearing in mind the expectations and needs of our customers, we have amended our dinar loan offer on several occasions in the previous period, offering more favourable lending terms to citizens, which also led to a 21 percent increase in the bank’s cash loan disbursement in the first seven months of 2015 against the same period of last year”, said Darko Popovic, a member of Banca Intesa Executive Board and Head of the Retail Division.

Interest rates on Intermezzo cash loan in dinars, as well on the dinar loan for refinancing with the possibility of obtaining extra cash, are fixed and are now from 16.50 percent per annum. When it comes to Senior cash loan in domestic currency devised for pensioners, the interest rate has been lowered to 17.98 percent fixed per annum, and the maximum loan amount was increased from RSD 500,000 to RSD 700,000. Also, loan for the purchase of new and used motor vehicles from legal and natural persons is available in dinars, with fixed interest rate starting at 15.20 percent per annum.